What we do

Support startups !

Celestere Invest helps entrepreneurs access resources to set up and grow their ideas to businesses. We are with you through business plan writing, accounting and recording, to working with and pitching your idea to investors for funding.

Accompany investor !

With a wide range of entrepreneurs and start-up ideas, Celestere Invest is a solution to viable investors looking to securely invest their money. Our goal is to help investors who want to fund a business, invest in a family member or sponsor a business to do so with ease.

Provide mentoring !

We have cultivated strategicpartnership with business leaders, mangers, and successful entrepreneurs. At Celestere Invest, our network of mentors help train, coach, motivate advice and direct you on your journey to develop your idea.

See Our Sucess Stories

During our incubator phase in 2015, we worked with a wide range of entrepreneurs with ideas in commerce, craftsmanship, tech, agriculture, retail and healthcare. A total of 10 business ideas were received and analysed with 5 successfully receiving funding in the town of Douala, Cameroon. With the project validated by our bankers and partners. We are looking to increase our total number of funded businesses to 50 by 2018.