Electricity & Electronics

In this department we work on the design and implementation of electrical installations for houses, office buildings, factories, hospitals and other structures while ensuring regular control of these electrical installations.

The department defines an architecture corresponding to the customer's needs, sizes the installation and describes the solutions it has chosen to secure energy inputs.

With regard to the electrical installation, once the plan is established and approved by the Architect, the latter will be transferred to the electricity department for the design of electrical diagrams corresponding to the customer's needs. The designed schema will be submitted to a team of experts for verification of compliance with standards prior to the implementation of the Project.

In order to guarantee the requirements for all electrical installations over time, Total Station Group Construction offers its customers regular checks of your electrical installations at a reasonable price.

Solar energy being one of the best innovations of our time can not be omitted. The incorporation of asolar panel system into your electrical installations will also be provided by the same qualified electricians from the TSG. This guarantees you a good functionality of your installations.

Any construction project carried out by the TSG will therefore require the application of the technique of incorporation of solar panel systems, which is one of modest sources of renewable energy and spread throughout the world. This is a facilitation to reinforce the generation of energy from the sun that God gave us for free; natural energy.

For your electronic devices, the TSG sets up a team of well - qualified electronic technicians working with this same department to serve you when needed.