In this department, we find civil engineers who work in full collaboration with the architects for the production of plans and execution of construction projects.

TSG has an efficient technical staff with efficient and hardworking engineers. TSG engineers use the principle of on-time delivery. We therefore reassure you that with the TSG, your construction project will be delivered on time.

Why choose TSG for your construction project?

TSG Construction is equipped with a design team, which is made up of qualified architects capable of producing beautiful and beautiful plans to meet your tastes and preferences . Thus, the TSG facilitates architectural consultation (preparation of plans, architectural design advice). This will allow you to have the beauty of your construction with minimal effort.

Electrical and plumbing installations of your construction will also be carried out by experts from the same company, which will minimize delays in the execution of your construction project.

TSG also undertakes partnerships with wholesalers of various building materials. This will make it easier for you to get the necessary material for your project on time.

TSG offers you the best construction qualities.