Company Overview

"Total Station Group" Construction is a construction company in North Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo. Its general management is located in Goma.

Why Total Station Group?

The name of the company is an English expression and can later be translated as: Total Station Group .

The Total Station , appearing on the left side of the company logo, is a very useful tool in the field of civil engineering used in the preparation of land prior to the execution of construction projects to determine the differences in altitude or level between different points on a surface. After the measurement with this instrument, the engineers define appropriate methods to upgrade the terrain for a good project execution.


However, the inspiration for choosing this name does not lie only in the usefulness of this instrument in our field of application. We also find the meaning of this name in the socio-economic and environmental situation in our community. The difference of levels not being only a reality on the surface of the earth, exists also between the members of the community. Thus, with the engineers of the TSG, the upgrade will be seen on all these plans.

Minimizing environmental risks in the execution of our projects is also of paramount importance.

TSG is specialized in the construction of residential houses, shopping centers, hotels, hospitals, schools and other infrastructures.

Why choose TSG?

We invite you to realize your construction project with us and you will be satisfied by the quality of service that we offer you. We salute in advance the trust you place in us and thank you for your support of our company.

The advantages of choosing TSG lies in its MPQ method , which means:


you benefit from the availability of all the services needed to carry out your project on a single address.

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being an organization with integrity, the respect of deadlines is assured.

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The expertise of our staff makes you a quality work according to your preferences. The beautiful and durable.

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