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Enhance your engagements with your audiences across multiple channels and media.

Powerful Features


Broadcast instant and schedule bulk SMS and voice messages to phone everywhere in the world from your computer or smartphone.

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Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Broadcast instant and schedule bulk SMS and voice messages to phone everywhere in the world from your computer or smartphone.

Polls And Surveys

Create SMS and voice polls to get feedbacks from your audiences, and view aggregated polls results in real time on your computer.

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Automated Services

Easily create automated services (Campaigns, Subscription and Auto-reply services) to manage incoming and outgoing messages. No technical skills required.

Social Media Connection

Post messages to your social media accounts (Facebook and Twitter) using SMS, or receive SMS notifications for messages sent to your messenger account.

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Multiple Network Connections

Connect easily to our platform using our Android SMS Gateway Application, or other SMS and voice gateways or shortcode service providers.

How it Works?

Create an Account

Sign up for your Texenger account in a minute by completing just 5 fields of information. Verify your account and select a service plan. You can choose our Free Basic (pay as you go) plan to get yourself started or one of our subscriptions plans based on your organization needs.

Connect to a Network

Connect to your local network by downloading and installing our Android SMS Gateway App on your phone or by using short codes. You can also connect your account to one of our SMS and voice gateway providers.

Begin Your Interactions

Broadcast SMS or voice messages to your audiences, or create an automated service (auto-reply, polls, or subscription services, or connect to your external url services). Reach your audiences anywhere in the world on their mobile phones..


About Texenger

Texenger was designed for both small and large organizations.

Texenger is a mobile communication platform built to help small and large organizations with their communication needs. In an increasingly mobile world, staying connected with your audiences is vital but can be challenging. Texenger provides organizations a cost-efficient platform to stay connected and engaged with their audiences over multiple media (SMS, Voice and Social Media). Organizations can easily create message services (including SMS and voice broadcasting, polling, and other automated messaging services) that enables them reach and interact with their audiences anywhere in the world.

Texenger is used by organizations across different industries (including business, non-profit, government, civil society, healthcare, media and education) to connect and interact with their audiences.

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