Racing Course – Level 1

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Racing Course – Level 1

This course is for trainees who are advanced in their motorcycle skills and wish to ride on a race track. Weather your aim is to race competitively or just enter the occasional open track this course focuses on providing you with professional race track riding skills. You training will be done on specialized race track dedicated and designed for this course.

  • You must have obtained your motorcycle license
  • We will provide you with a sport bike for racing
  • We will provide you with racing safety gear
  • 12 Hours with an instructor dedicated to you + 1 Hour academic lesson (we suggest 1 hour per day)
  • We offer you a maximum of 30 days to complete the course
  • Price: KD 250

Racing Course – Level 2

This race course is for serious racers who wish to compete on the race track and have completed the Level 1 Race Course. This course will be in Bahrain on the international Bahrain race circuit. Our chief instructor Mr. Mohammad Alhadad will accompany the racer and instruct the trainee for a full open track day.